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Who We Are

Seix does one thing: Managing fixed income investments

Founded in 1992, Seix maintains its focus on providing fixed income strategies for institutional investors around the globe.

Clearly defined investment style

Seix employs a clearly defined investment style and philosophy, utilizing a fundamental approach that is bottom-up focused and top-down aware. Our team of seasoned fixed income portfolio managers executes the process with the support of a team of career analysts.

With approximately $21.3 billion in assets under management (as of 12/31/18), we are big enough to matter but small enough to remain nimble in each of the investable fixed income sectors. This combination has helped Seix generate competitive absolute, relative and risk-adjusted returns over multiple market cycles.

Institutional clientele

Our primary focus is managing fixed income assets for institutional clientele. The organization’s efforts and resources are devoted to this asset class and this important investor type. 

Managing Fixed Income: Our highly competitive fixed income strategies


z - Cover Image: 2017 Seix Firm Brochure

Company Profile

LocationPark Ridge, NJ (Headquarters), Atlanta, GA, and Orlando, FL, USA
Organizational FocusInstitutional Fixed Income Boutique
StrategiesHigh Yield Bonds, Investment Grade Taxable & Tax-Exempt, Leveraged Loans and Multi-Sector Fixed Income Management
Assets Under ManagementTotal Assets: $21.3 billion
Investment Grade Assets: $8.5 billion
Leveraged Loan Assets: $9.6 billion
High Yield Bond Assets: $3.2 billion
OwnershipSeix Investment Advisors LLC is an affiliate of Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.
Our Clients
  • Corporations
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Public Funds
  • Medical Centers
  • Religious Organizations
  • Union Funds
  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth Individuals

All data as of 12/31/18


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