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Opportunistic Credit

  1. Investment Principles
  2. Investment Process

Investment Principles

Value Proposition:

  • Flexible and effective way for Seix to express high conviction credit views
  • Allows for tactical asset allocation and active portfolio trading
  • Utilizes Leveraged Finance platform to foster idea generation and capitalize on market opportunities across the capital structure
  • Offers uncorrelated, risk-adjusted return potential

Investment Strategy:

  • Opportunistic credit strategy that invests in full spectrum of high yield bonds, leveraged loans, stressed/distressed securities, special situations and capital structure opportunities
  • Long-term performance driven by bottom-up, fundamental credit analysis

Performance objective may not be achieved. Seix is not currently managing an opportunistic credit portfolio.

Investment Process

Seix's Opportunistic Credit seeks to utilize the best ideas that are generated through the natural overlapping of our core investment expertise.

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Seix will subject the vast, eligible investment universe to a fundamental research process in pursuit of the best ideas when managing an Opportunistic Credit portfolio.

Credit Opportunities Process

Seix is not currently managing an opportunistic credit portfolio.

Multi-Sector Absolute Return Strategy

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