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  • Total Return Bond Management

    Overemphasis on the direction of interest rates may cause investors to miss opportunities in investment grade.

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  • Multi-Sector Absolute Return

    An actively managed response for investing in a low yield environment.

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10.06.2015 RidgeWorth Investment Grade Bond Funds – 3rd Quarter 2015

Jim Keegan, CEO and Chairman of Seix Investment Advisors, places the economy and fixed income markets in perspective for the third quarter of 2015, noting that amid a global slowdown and Federal Reserve hold on a potential rate hike, investment grade...

10.06.2015 RidgeWorth Seix High Income and RidgeWorth Seix High Yield Funds – 3rd Quarter 2015

Mike Kirkpatrick, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager with Seix Investment Advisors, discusses the positive outlook for a sector with basically strong fundamentals despite external factors affecting the high yield market, including China, ...

Total Return Bond Management

Full Market Cycle Demystified

Investors focused on the timing and magnitude of an interest rate rise may be missing the more practical opportunity to add consistent performance alpha to their investment grade bond allocations.

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Multi-Sector Absolute Return

Search for Yield in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Institutional investors around the globe are challenged to find income to reach investment and spending targets, without taking on undue risk. Our Multi-Sector Absolute Return Strategy is an actively managed response for investing in a low yield environment.

The strategy allows us the flexibility to actively use and rotate among fixed income sectors (including U.S. investment grade, high yield bond, leveraged loans and non-U.S. bonds), taking advantage of relative value to enhance portfolio yield, while avoiding risks associated with using only one sector. The allocation decision and review is based on an analysis of macroeconomic and microeconomic themes and an assessment of the relative value of each sector.

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Keegan AssetTV Button

Investment Grade Bonds: The Anchor of Your Portfolio

A bottom-up focused, top-down aware investment approach that values liquidity, does not invest by solving for yield and is marked by transparency in process, portfolio structure and performance.
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Seix Quarterly Review

Review of Third Quarter 2015 (We're Not in Kansas Anymore)

Latest Perspective

The third quarter was a classic risk-off environment that witnessed a multitude of macroeconomic themes impacting trading. Market volatility kicked off in July with Greece and its...

This out-of-consensus decision surprised the market and risk assets reacted negatively, an unlikely outcome that was probably unexpected by the Fed.
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